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Calcutta Wire Netting Co. Specialist manufacturers of Extruder Screens used in Plastic Extrusion Industry

Welcome to
Calcutta Wire Netting Co.

                            with over 10 years of experience of manufacturing industrial wire, cloth. We have supplied woven wire to almost every industry and applications. We offer full range of specification  from 6" aperture down to 1 micron nominal aperture. Wire cloth can offer wide ranging characteristics dependent on the configuration of wire thickness in relation to aperture size, as well as type of weave and can vary in texture from being as fine, soft and flexible as silk to being as rigid as steel plate. Many of the properties of wire cloth are not available using alternative metal media.

In addition to applications in filtration and separation equipment, woven wire cloth is widely used for reinforcement and strengthening, ventilation screening, radio and microwave screening, screen printing, transportation belts, speaker grills, plastic extrusion, optical lens manufacture, catalysts, precious  metal recovery, flame, heat, and light diffusion, vacuum forming, spark protection, security screen, battery manufacture and etc.

Maintaining high standards of quality control at every single stage of manufacturing with the help of rigorous tests and regular inspections is a common practice at Calcutta Wire Netting   Co.

Why We?
Our products stand out for their strength and durability.

We customize our products as per our customers' need.

All these together enable us to provide customers with the
reliable quality wire and wire mesh products at most
competitive prices and timely delivery.

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